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Docker is kinda awesome, as it releases a lot of creativity and let
us rethink infrastructure. Think about upgrading an application(docker container). We just stop the old one and start the new container. Rollback is easy as stopping the new container and starting from the old image.

Let’s have a look at nginx. Within the Docker ecosystem, in a world where the backends come and go. You profit from writing the nginx configuration in a dynamic way. Most likely using confd or consul-template.

After that you stop the container and start it new from the image.

Kinda silly!


Sending nginx a SIGHUP would have told it to simply reread the configuration without stopping it by spawning a new process.

Nginx even has a nice trick to upgrade. Sending a SIGUSR2 nginx spawns a new process with the new binary.

In a standard Docker workflow you don’t use this features.

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