Galera for Mesos

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This time it is nothing like a linkt to another Blog:  Galera on Mesos

Ok as a fact I was kinda involved. Even the work is done by Stefan all alone.
We meat for a day in a coworking space and discussed about Galera and Mesos.

In the end Stefan produced this incredible blogpost and pushed Mesos forward.

Whats the fun about this post?

We already now Galera is already the standard in a lot of architectures. For example OpenStack.
Doing consultant work for Docker also I encourage to use Galera for all this infrastructures Docker runs on. 

Mesos is about to run easy on 1000 nodes. It has a nice abstraction of nodes and framework. Companies like Airbnb, Paypal, eBay, Groupon use Mesos. Having a Galera poc for Mesos is going to make it likely to have MySQL (etc.) being a native part in Mesos installations.

There had been another customer I was allowed to help to deploy Galera on CoreOS \o/.

At least I plan to help deploy Galera on other cluster or multi-node solutions for Docker also :)

Stay tuned as there is a plan to have a little series about Galera@Docker on the coderships website too.

Have Fun
Erkan Yanar

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