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No news in telling Galera is the synchronous multi master solution for MySQL.
But Galera is just a provider.

What do you mean by provider?

Remember configuring “Galera”?
There are two options
wsrep_provider and wsrep_provider_options
These define the provider (Galera) and the options for the provider.
The rest of the wsrep_ options are for wsrep.


wsrep API defines a set of application callbacks and replication library calls necessary to implement synchronous writeset replication of transactional databases and similar applications. It aims to abstract and isolate replication implementation from application details. Although the main target of this interface is a certification-based multi-master replication, it is equally suitable for both asynchronous and synchronous master/slave replication.

So yes, other providers than galera are possible \o/

I.e. an asynchronous replication provider could already benefit from the parallel applying provided by wsrep :)

Have fun


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