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Im honored to give a training (german) at the well known Linuxhotel
There are two trainings.
The first one is about newer techniques shipped with Linux Linux Admin Update). 
The other one is about LXC \o/
While attending the first one is fine, it is recommended to attend the Admin Update T
training if you go for LXC. 

Talks at DOAG 2013

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Attending DOAG 2013 next week, Im going to give two talks (Applikationsvirtualisierung mit LXC and MySQL Replikation).
Also Im invited to attend a MySQL Expert Panel, where you can let a bunch of MySQL Experts discuss your questions ;)
DOAG is afaik the biggest Oracle Event (and even not driven by Oracle) in Europe.
A good place to have nice discussions and learn a lot of new stuff :)

Hope to see you
Erkan Yanar

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